B2B Intent Data

Account-level intent data offers a deep understanding of an organization's purchasing habits, such as their preferences for products and services, key decision-makers, and factors that impact their buying choices. High-performing go-to-market teams use intent data to prioritize sales outreach to highly qualified leads based on their likelihood to purchase. For marketing teams, this data is also valuable for implementing account-based marketing tactics, identifying specific high-priority accounts, and connecting with the organization's decision-makers.

 Learn how RocketReach with intent data can be a powerful tool for go-to-market teams looking to drive revenue for their organizations, including:

  • Using Foundry's proprietary data co-op to identify and score potential customers who are actively seeking solutions similar to yours
  • Searching for and targeting high value accounts in order to generate a steady stream of qualified opportunities
  • Ensuring your brand's content and messaging reaches the appropriate audience by targeting and connecting with key decision-makers and stakeholders at a target account.


  • Chris Long, Head of Product
  • Jamie Gullbrand, Senior Product Manager

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